Do you have some unwanted items in your house that you require shifting but perhaps don't have the time to sort it out? 

Would you be happy to get rid of these items for free? 

If yes to both of the above then we may be able to help you out!  

As Ilkley Cricket Club still looks for funds to recover the damage caused to us over the winter by the double flooding, we are seeking your kind donations of items to the club that we will be able to sell at the car boot sale on Bank Holiday Monday (29 August 2016).  

If you would like to donate items for the club to sell, then you can leave them on the patio at the club during the week and they will be collected by the groundsman. 

Alternatively you can bring the items down during the day on Saturday or Sunday where there will club members will be able to collect the items from you and store ready to be sold on Monday! 

All money raised from the items sold will be going into the club funds and hopefully we will soon pay off what we owe from the damage caused! 

We thank you in advance for your kind and generous donations! Enjoy the bank holiday weekend!